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Checklist for Setting Up EasyEngine on DigitalOcean

EasyEngine is the easiest way to manage multiple sites running nginx. I use it for personal sites such as this one as well as my freelance websites. You can set up a new site with nginx, caching, and SSL in one command.

This post assumes you know how to SSH into your droplet after creation.

1. Create your droplet

The $5 option is plenty to run a few sites but, I normally spring for the $10 droplet. Once your droplet is created, follow the Initial Server Setup tutorial on DO. Skip step seven (Set Up a Basic Firewall) because we’ll do that in the next step here.

2. Setting up a cloud firewall through the control panel

Recently, DigitalOcean added a way to manage the firewall on your droplet through the control panel. You can manage this using ufw but, using the control panel gives you a much more visual way to control things.

  1. Create a Firewall
  2. Under the Inbound Rules section add the following:“Custom” is the port for loading the server tools provided by EasyEngine such as phpMyAdmin. Once the firewall is created, you can apply it to multiple droplets.

3. Install EasyEngine

SSH into your server, run any updates needed, and install.

The script will ask you a few questions and install everything you need to run WordPress on nginx.

4. Create a Site

EasyEngine makes it really easy to set up a site with the ee command. The following is how I setup a new site:

Note: Let’s Encrypt will only work if your domain is already pointed at your droplet. You can always update your site after with:

That’s it! You would now have a functioning site located at

If you’re new to DigitalOcean and you found this post helpful, use this link which will get you $10 in credit.

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